A Checklist for Your New Board Chair

If you have ever prepared to take the lead position on a nonprofit board, you know you really want some guidance.  Every bit of wisdom from your predecessor might be the bit that will help avert disaster.

As I was preparing for the Laurel House Board Retreat, board member Patricia Younce mentioned that she and her board co-chair had prepared a checklist to pass on to their successors. It’s a wonderfully practical tool created to pass along the knowledge they gathered, making the transition easier for the new board co-chairs and less likely that they would overlook key items.

These tools are even more valuable when their format can be progressively enhanced.  The next leaders can add to the checklist so it represents the collective knowledge of several generations of leaders.

I encourage every organization to begin this process of documenting key tasks, schedules and lessons learned for the next person in succession.

Send me your version of the checklist or other tools that your organization uses to make succession easier at kathy@sparknpc.com.  I’d love to learn from your experiences and effort.

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