The Junior Board – A Great Vehicle for Developing and Recruiting Board Members

Last month I was invited to provide a training experience focused on strategic planning for the Junior Board Members of Bucks County’s Network of Victim Assistance (NOVA). While I was teaching, I was also learning about this excellent vehicle for developing potential nonprofit board members. Each year, NOVA recruits 10-12 people to its Junior Board for a one year experience. What happens next is a Win-Win-Win.

Win #1: Junior board members receive training at their monthly meetings on a range of topics essential for board performance, from budgeting to fundraising to strategic planning and more.

Win #2: NOVA receives the service of these individuals on several volunteer activities, including an annual fundraising event that is planned and executed by the Junior Board. And NOVA gets to see these individuals in action and has “first dibs” on recruiting them to the NOVA Board if there is mutual interest.

Win #3: Area nonprofits benefit as NOVA helps to connect its Junior Board graduates with organizations that match up with their passions. NOVA doesn’t have space for all of the year’s graduates, so others get the benefit of recruiting these young professionals that NOVA has helped to train.

Every nonprofit could benefit from pursuing a combined learning/recruiting strategy like this one.

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